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Not getting enough value out of Intex or Trepp?

Get exactly what you need

Let Vichara turbocharge your Intex or Trepp

Analyze Opportunities at Scale

  • Analyze the universe of deals using loan-level data and your credit model
  • Use your proprietary underwriting data to enhance/override Intex/Trepp loan data
  • Highly parallelized grid, cloud-based computing, to quickly delivery computed results
  • Pre-issue Analysis (analyze/underwrite before Trepp/Intex has the deal)
  • Customized reporting to see what is important to you

Actively manage portfolios to beat your competition

  • Know if your loans are being auctioned before the trustees inform managers
  • Get notifications for loan and bond events
  • Relative value analysis to identify trading opportunities
  • Scheduled and on-demand pricing using built-in model or user-adjusted model assumptions
  • Early indicators of prepay/default

Make best use of comprehensive data from:

  • Intex
  • Trepp
  • Costar
  • Auctions
  • News
  • Dealer data
  • And many more… Contact us to find out how quickly your CMBS management can be improved.

Bond Analysis

  • Analyze scenario based cashflows in deal
  • Cap rate, NOI stress matrices
  • Model projected loan outcomes
  • Consistent assumptions for pari-passu / cross-linked loans across deals
  • Use loan cap stack information to drive assumptions/credit model
  • Capture trader notes at loan/deal level
  • Bond Events – Rating changes, market color, payments, etc.
Bond Performance under NOI/Cap Rate Shifts
Loan Outcome under NOI/Cap Rate Shifts
SASB Secondary Spreads

Primary & Secondary Market Tracking

  • Daily valuation and risk using built-in model and/or adjusted model assumptions
  • Rating Agency views & pre-sale docs
  • Drill down to liquidity and underlying loan data
  • Track market color & historic trends for relative value analysis
  • View conduit, SASB, CRE CLO and Freddie Ks
  • Analyze using multi-dimensional Collateral Stratification by property Type, MSA, State, Size, Delq, DSCR, WL, SS, Defeasance, etc.

Loan Dashboard

  • User configurable loan search engine on over 30 attributes
  • Pari-passu split across deals – mapped rent rolls and historical financials
  • Email alerts for special servicing, watchlist, appraisal reduction, etc…
  • Google Maps integration for location of the property & similar properties
  • Derived data analysis – keyword analysis, tenant lease area within a radius, auction & news events
  • Deal prospectus, remittance reports linked with each loan
Maps for Similar Properties


CMBS Analytics

  • Interactive true loan level analysis
  • Integrates proprietary models
  • Override projections at loan, group and deal level
  • Accurate treatment of cross-linked and split loan structures
  • Highly parallelized, cloud-based computing
  • Customized reporting

Data Management and Analysis

  • Streamlined underwriting process
  • Powerful loan and property search tools
  • Locate similar properties using specified criteria
  • Fast multi-dimensional stratification of loan data
  • High speed reporting with Excel and web based tools

Index / Portfolio Analytics

  • Levered and Unlevered returns and sensitivities
  • Highly parallelized
  • Cash and synthetic strucutres

Deal Flow Tracking

  • Framework to track new investments efficiently
  • Document management for direct CRE investments
  • Customized reporting for management groups

Portfolio Management System

  • Straight-through processing
  • P&L with matrix pricing
  • Financing and cash management

Software & Data Processing Support

  • 24/7 Operational support
  • Custom software development and integration